About Us

Heavenly Cacao handcraft fine 'free from' chocolates so good they are enjoyed by even the most discerning chocolate lovers.

Made from organic raw cacao and whole plant foods our chocolates are: Dairy free I Additive free I Vegan I Gluten friendly I Soy free I Refined sugar free*
We draw on gifts from Mother Nature and the Universe to create divinely inspired chocolates that nourish and uplift. Our creations incorporate whole plant foods, superfoods, crystal elixirs and natural energies to create a high vibration chocolate experience.
All of our chocolates are handmade from scratch using the finest , fair-trade, natural & organic ingredients with ethics, sustainability and environmentally friendly practices at the heart of our chocolate making... We believe creating an amazing product is only possible if it is done in a way that honours people and honours the earth.
By supporting Heavenly Cacao you are supporting kindness at all levels... 

Kind to You: All chocolates are made from nutritionally dense, whole plant foods and are free from artificial colours, flavours and additives. Your tastebuds will love you and your body will thank you! They are also suitable for dairy free, vegetarian and plant-based eaters. 

Kind to People: It is a sad, and confronting, fact that most chocolate bars are the product of human trafficking & child slavery, with 80% of the world’s cocoa coming from Africa where farmers are paid barely enough operate their farms let alone pay workers. 
 We ONLY use certified fair-trade cacao ensuring that the farmers and their workers are paid fairly and have enough money to comfortably feed, house and educate themselves and their families. 

Kind to the Planet: Sustainability and environmentally friendly practices are at the heart of our business with a strong focus on plastic free packaging and using compostable and biodegradable consumables in our chocolate kitchen. 

Heavenly Cacao was born after owner Nicole Gibson had cancer in 2009 and could no longer eat highly processed, chemical laden foods.

Unable to quit commercial chocolate, she set about learning how to make her own chocolates that were free from chemical additives and made with nourishing ingredients.

On her journey to be free from chronic disease she discovered that true healing comes from much more than diet and exercise alone.

She found tremendous benefit in incorporating other modalities such as psychology, mantras, meditation, crystal energy work and essential oils, and became inspired to apply what she had learnt to her chocolate making process.

The result is an alchemical feast to nourish the body, mind and spirit.

*All chocolates are refined sugar free expect the Spongy One which contains raw organic cane sugar.