Heavenly Cacao creates a range of hand made artisan plant-based chocolates from natural wholefood ingredients and organic raw cacao. Our treats are dairy free, gluten free and also free from any artificial additives. We make everything from scratch and by hand including the chocolate which we stonegrind and temper in small batches.
You can purchase our treats at:
Private and custom orders are welcome so if you have a wedding, special event or client with special dietary needs please get in touch.

If you don't live in Far North Queensland but would like to buy some of our treats, please contact to place an order.
Shipping costs vary however up to 10 bars will cost will cost $13.10 postage. This is due to the use of environmentally friendly cold shipping and express post services in order to ensure your chocolates arrive to you in pristine condition.

The Chocolate Range

The Peanut One

Chewy peanut & almond centre topped with date caramel coated in our...
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The Turkish One

A juicy jelly made from raspberries, cherries and rose water, coated in...
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The Cherry One

A decadent blend of fresh roasted cherries, coconut and gojis encased in...
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The Coconut One

Juicy coconut and vanilla bean centre, encased in a creamy maple crystal...
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The Spongy One

A crispy, crunchy, melt in your mouth sponge toffee coated in maple...
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