Heavenly Cacao - Chocolate with Wings
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Artisan Plant-based Chocolate

Heavenly Cacao specialise in making chocolate using fresh fruits, superfoods, natural ingredients & cacao. 

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Angel Bar 12 piece Gift Box

Gift a friend or yourself!
AU$41.95 $54.00
Out of Stock

Peruvian Raw Cacao Liquor/Paste - 1kg

Heavenly Cacao’s Liquor, also called paste or mass, is organically cultivated in...
Out of Stock

Raw Cacao Butter 1kg

Heavenly Cacao's cacao butter is organically cultivated in Ecuador from the prized...
Out of Stock

Raw Cacao Powder - 1kg

Heavenly Cacao’s cacao powder is organically cultivated in Peru from the prized...
Out of Stock

Happy High Vibes

We draw on gifts from Mother Earth and the Universe to create divinely inspired chocolates that nourish and uplift.