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Chocolate Bar 5 pack

Heavenly chocolates that are dairy, gluten and additive free - yay!
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Heavenly Cacao's Chocolate Bars are made entirely from wholefoods. When you eat chocolates made from real food you feel satisfied sooner - no binging and no guilt. It is that simple. Best of all our bars are handmade with love in Cairns.

Our chocolate is made from the finest organic raw cacao which we stonegrind with maple sugar crystals, cashews, coconut and vanilla beans into a gorgeous mylk chocolate.

This is fresh chocolate at it's best! Treat yourself or treat a friend. 


Each 5 pack contains one of each flavour:
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The Cherry One:
A decadent blend of fresh roasted cherries, coconut and gojis encased in our signature mylk chocolate.

The Turkish One
A juicy jelly made from raspberries, cherries and rose water, coated in maple crystal mylk chocolate.

The Peanut One
Chewy peanut & almond centre topped with date caramel coated in our maple crystal mylk chocolate.

The Spongy One
A crispy, crunchy, melt in your mouth sponge toffee coated in maple crystal mylk chocolate.

The Coconut One
Juicy coconut and vanilla bean centre, encased in a creamy maple crystal mylk chocolate.

Each bar is approximately 25g-30g.
ALLERGEN WARNING: All bars contain nuts and traces of peanuts. The Peanut One contains nuts and peanuts.