Aphrodisiac Parfait


This decadent aphrodisiac dessert for Valentine's Day is so deliciously romantic. It is perfectly sweet with a luxurious texture. This recipe was a collaboration with my favourite Naturopath, Janelle Twine at Seeds of Health. Indulge in this decadent dessert to get you energised and in the mood this Valentine's Day instead something that makes you carb out and miss out on special time with your partner. 

Janelle has outlined the below aphrodisiac properties for us. For more on how to supercharge your love life and health check out Janelle's ebook: Nurturing 9.
BANANA - rich in vitamin B’s & potassium which are needed for sexual hormone production. These nutrients are also key to muscle strength.
CACAO - the natural properties stimulate the senses & heighten feelings of joy & pleasure. It’s contains the “love” chemical releasing dopamine.
VANILLA - soothes emotional tension & reduces anxiety & stress while stimulating sexual desire. It has a euphoric effect on the brain & central nervous system to combat sexual debilitation.  
BUTTERFLY PEA - a sexual enhancer which also supports fertility & correction menstrual disorders.
SCHIZANDRA - increases mens staying power & stimulates sensitivity in female genitalia.

Aphrodisiac Parfait

Chocolate Layer
170g frozen mango
1 fresh date
20g Heavenly Cacao cacao powder
¼ tsp vanilla paste, powder or extract
½ tsp Superfeast Schizandra berry powder

Butterfly pea layer
300g young coconut flesh
2 tsp Just Blends butterfly pea flower powder

Pink Layer
3 frozen bananas
1tsp Just Blends freeze dried Pitaya powder

Blend and pour each layer into two glasses, starting with the chocolate layer.  Store the glasses in the freezer while making the next layer.
You will need to rinse your blender before starting each layer to ensure vibrant colours.
Top with coconut chips.