Hazelnut Sultana Mylk Chocolate

Hazelnut and Sultana


25g Peruvian cacao paste/liquor 
20g cacao butter
20g maple syrup (or adjust to suit your palate)
35g hazelnut butter
20g crushed hazelnuts
10g chopped sultanas


Melt cacao butter and hazelnut butter in a glass bowl over warm water
Melt the cacao liquor in a separate glass bowl over warm water
After the cacao butter mixture has melted slowly drizzle in the syrup, gently mixing at the same time.
Pour the cacao butter mixture into the cacao liquor, mixing gently.
Mix in hazelnuts and sultanas.
Pour into moulds and refrigerate until firm. 


Top Tips

When working with a liquid sweetener it is important to mix it gently into other ingredients. Over-mixing will lead to chocolate seize and sometimes cause the cacao butter to separate from the other ingredients.
Experiment with different nut butters - macadamia, almond, peanut and cashew are all delicious.